August 24, 2021 

Symbol: GDP 

Golden Pursuit Resources Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Purchase Agreement with  David Nickerson (the “Vendor”), dated August 23, 2021, to acquire a 100% legal and beneficial interest in  a mining lease pertaining to May Mineral Lease located on Gordon Lake, in the Northwest Territories. 

Brian McClay, President and CEO, commented “Acquiring the Nickerson Lease positions GDP to expand  it’s inventory of mineralization in the southern Gordon Lake mining district. High-grade mineralized  intersections were discovered by Echo Bay Mines Ltd. in the last drilling campaign from 1981 (1309 feet  in 11 holes). These intersections are extremely important in the context of delineating economic  concentrations of gold within the major “refold” structure covering the south and southwest end of Gordon  Lake, which includes the Kidney Pond area. The Nickerson lease provides additional documentation that  broad zones of economic gold likely occur within this “refold” structure. Gold mineralization occurring  within quartz breccia zones and within black, carbonaceous argillites has been documented by Tim Stokes  (Stokes et al, 1990 and Stokes, 1991) and will be the focus of the upcoming exploration program at Gordon  Lake.” 

There has been no follow-up on these historic intersections as reported in the 1981 Echo Bay report by G.  N. Woollett, P. Eng. (B.C.), P.Geo. (Alberta): 

Hole No. From To Width (feet) Oz/ton gold Grams/tonne Comments 

MS1-1 117.9 119.5 1.6 0.940 32.23 visible gold 119.5 121.0 1.5 0.190 6.51 

121.0 123.0 2.0 1.200 41.15 visible gold 

123.0 125.2 2.2 0.330 11.32 visible gold 

MS1-2 38.5 40.7 2.2 2.490 85.39 visible gold 40.7 43.0 2.3 0.740 25.38 

MS1-3 78.5 80.9 2.4 0.520 17.826 

117.8 120.6 2.8 0.700 24.996 

MS1-4 50.2 52.2 2.0 0.330 11.312  

52.2 54.3 2.1 trace “minor visible gold   

54.3 57.0 2.7 0.160 5.485 

MS1-5 no values* 

MS1-6 no values*

MS1-7 81.5 83.0 1.5 8.780 301.09 visible gold 83.0 85.0 2.0 0.100 3.429 

MS1-8 54.9 57.6 2.7 0.095 3.257 visible gold 75.0 77.0 2.0 0.015 0.514 minor visible gold 77.0 78.6 1.6 trace 

MS1-9 no values* 

MS1-10 no values* 

MS1-11 no values* 

 no values* = no values greater than 0.05 oz gold per ton (1.54 gms/t) 

Above assays from 1981 Echo Bay Mines Report by G. N. Woollett, P.Eng (B.C.), P.Geo. (Alberta) 

Upon completion of the program in 1981 by Echo Bay, more drilling was recommended. No further drilling  has been completed on this lease since 1981. 

Previous to 1981 and summarized in the Woollett report – “Sovereign Yellowknife Mines Ltd. drilled 18 x ray dill holes from lake ice to test a quartz vein in 1947. Thirteen holes intersected visible gold (Nickerson communication). Location of the drill holes is not known; assay values for only five holes are recorded in drill logs.” A single hole drilled in 1958 is reported to have intersected minor copper mineralization; no  

record of this work is available. Other previous work included sampling of veins in 1975. 

Geology is described in the report “The May mineral claim is underlain by steeply dipping, isoclinally  folded Archean greywacke and slate (Henderson 1941, Dwg 1615-1). Numerous parallel to sub-parallel  narrow quartz veins are exposed on an island within the May mineral claim. Rock types, structures and  quartz veining are similar to the Camlaren mine” (historical production of 65,000 tons grading 36,000  ounces. 

Details of the Agreement are as follows:  

The Agreement provides that, subject to regulatory approval, the Company shall purchase such mining  lease for an amount of $10,000 and 100,000 common shares. 

Additional Agreement Details:  

The Agreement is subject to a 2% net smelter return (“NSR Royalty”) in favor of the Vendor. The Company  has the right, at any time to purchase 1% of the NSR Royalty (reducing the NSR Royalty to 1%) by paying  the Vendor the sum of $1,000,000. 

The agreement and the issuance of shares are subject to approval by the TSX Venture Exchange. GOLDEN PURSUIT RESOURCES LTD.  

“Brian McClay” 

Brian McClay, President and CEO, Director

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