• Vancouver B.C, V6J 3J7


  • Guided by a World Class Management and Technical Team
  • Results orientated culture, unrelenting attention to accomplishing business objectives
  • Dedicated to the highest ethical and governance standards


  • Contrarian minded management team who acquired undervalued projects in depressed market
  • Active exploration on a variety of properties
  • Continually and strategically identifying value in Nevada to solidify
    Golden Pursuit as project generator.


  • Extremely prudent with shareholder’s money
  • Dedicated to conducting a disciplined approach in capital allocation
  • Presently finalizing a new round of financing

Golden Pursuit Resources Ltd is a mineral exploration company whose principal focus is the acquisition, exploration, and development of mineral properties. The seasoned management capitalized by being contrarian on the recent downturn in the mining sector to identify and acquire undervalued projects to further enhance the value of the company.

The company’s primary focus is the exploration for precious metals in the Northwest Territories (NWT).  Presently, the company is planning to actively explore their portfolio of properties surrounding Gordon Lake NWT. While also dedicating a significant amount of resources to the Steven Basin and Black Point project with plans to conduct geophysics and development of drilling programs at both properties.

The company has finalized a new round of financing to undertake an exploration program at Gordon Lake. It is the company’s ambition to advance it’s portfolio of claims to increase shareholder value with the ambition to discover a resource and solidify the company in both NWT and Nevada. 

The company’s greatest strength is it’s 100% ownership of all properties with no royalties or payments due on the majority of the projects.